Pyroil Belt Dressing

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Pyroil™ Belt Dressing effectively prolongs belt life by reducing wear and forming a protective coating on all flat-ribbed, fan belts and v-belts. Designed specifically to satisfy recommendations and performance guidelines requested by belt manufacturers, Pyroil™ Belt Dressing leaves no sticky residue that can cause belts to attract dust and dirt, which can then wear away pulley contact areas.

  • Designed to meet belt manufacturer guidelines
  • Conditions all flat-ribbed, fan belts & v-belts
  • Non-kerosene formula
  • No stick formula helps preserve belt life
  • Stops squeaks & squealing instantly
  • Designed to improve grip & traction
  • Contains no chlorinated solvents
  • Helps prevent premature wear
How to Use: 

Always turn off engine before use. Spray belt contact areas on pulley as well as the belt. After applying, idle engine to spread belt dressing evenly to the belt. A second application may be necessary. Not for use on notched engine timing belts.

Why do I need belt dressing?
Engine belts are one of the most neglected areas of engine maintenance, but are essential to keeping the engine running. Belt dressings help recondition the belt, therefore increasing the friction between the belt and the pulleys, which can prolong belt life and help prevent belt slippage.



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